What Can It Treat?

Acupuncture, because of its balancing and holistic nature can help with many problems to do with the mind, body and spirit.It can also be a very good preventative treatment, helping to keep the body in good health.

A few examples are:

Aches and Pains:                                       Digestive Disorders:                                Menopausal Difficulties:

Arthritis                                                        Acid Reflux                                                   Hot Flushes

Back Pain                                                      Bloating                                                        Mood Changes

Fibromyalgia                                               Constipation                                                Night Sweats

Injuries                                                         Crohns’ Disease

Joint Pain                                                      Diarrhoea

Sciatica                                                          Irritable Bowels Syndrome                     



Menstrual Disorders                               Respiratory Disorders                             Reproductive Disorders


Absence of Menstruation                        Asthma                                                          Male and Female Sub-fertility

Endometriosis                                             Bronchitis                                                     Pregnancy related conditions

Heavy Flow                                                  Colds

Irregular Cycles                                          Sinusitis

Painful Periods



Urinary and Gynaecological Problems


Candida Albicans (Thrush)



Allergies, Anxiety, Circulatory Problems, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines and Headaches, Skin Conditions and Stress.


The List of what acupuncture can treat is extensive, and success can be different in each individual, due to the treatment being directed at the individual rather than a set disease.




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